Rank Higher in Google & Stand out from the Competition

With the growth of social media, online marketing and technology, customers have become used to being able to ‘try before they buy’ via photos and videos. The next level for this is a virtual tour. What better way to explain and showcase your premises than by way of a virtual tour. Statistics show that a client that is ready to purchase is 5x more likely to visit a location with a virtual tour than a location without one.

Imagine when you book the next significant dinner outing you have already seen the restaurant, the views that it has and you have an understanding of the ambiance. No more surprises! This is exactly what customers are looking for.

Remember that having a great website and flashy photos is all well and good, but if you’re not at the top or very close to the top of Google, a lot of your potential customers won’t even know you exist. If there’s one place to spend your money, it’s making sure you get in front of qualified traffic when they’re searching for your business on Google with the right online marketing tools.

About 9 Dots

9 Dots Agency is based on the premise that to solve the 9 dots puzzle, you need to draw lines that extend beyond the box, it is this fundamental function of thinking outside the box that resonates strongly with our values.

The logo has been designed to pay homage to the puzzle on which the name is based but to also serve as a double entendre — the one dot is located deliberately outside the box which reflects our values and if you join the outside dots with a line, it forms a speech bubble which resembles the value we place on communication.

Our Values

We don’t do things the plain old boring way, we innovate, think outside the box and evaluate the risk before executing our plan

We are transparent and forthcoming in the way we do business, we will disclose potential upside, threats to our strategy / idea and be forthcoming with our pricing.

We pride ourselves as industry leaders and constantly self educate and learn new trends to stay ahead of groundbreaking developments in the marketing space.

Leading Edge Marketing Printing Services
At 9 Dots Agency we have an inventory of over $200,000 worth of print and print finishing equipment. We are a full service agency that is equipped to create, print, market and deliver projects at scale.

We are not anti-print or pro-online marketing, we evaluate each project on its merits and will recommend the best avenue of marketing based on the requirements of the project, whether it is an online marketing campaign, a print campaign or a combination of both that is required to achieve the desired results

Every successful business person knows the importance of Google and significance of having a strong presence on this ever growing platform but the biggest question we’re faced with is HOW.

Here’s the how, Optimise your Google Business Listing and stay ahead of the competition. That way when someone searches for a business like yours, you’re at the top of the list.

These are the three most important considerations for you to appear at the top;

Establishing a Google Business Page

Including high resolution photos, a virtual tour and a properly populated information section.


Encouraging all of your customers to go online and review your business will let other prospective customers know what people really think about your business. This is modern day ‘word of mouth’.

Website Friendliness

Is your website easy to navigate and is it mobile friendly? Don’t get penalised for having an outdated website that loads obscurely on mobile devices.


Businesses with photos on their listings receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and 35% more click-throughs to their websites than businesses that without photos, according to Google.


Those who view a listing with a virtual tour are twice as likely to be interested in booking a reservation there. And among 18-34 year-olds in particular, prospects are 130% more likely to book based on a tour.

  • Basic listing only 24% 24%
  • Basic listing and photos 37% 37%
  • Basic listing, photos and virtual tour 48% 48%


Among people surveyed, 67% want more business listing to have virtual tours. Of the remainder, 26% were indifferent, and 7% stated that more virtual tours were unnecessary.


When searching for restaurants and hotels online, 62% of people use Google.


Social Media is for networking, staying connected with friends and entertainment. People go to Google to solve a problem or need that they have and are 2 steps ahead in the buying cycle

Visitors from social are less likely to buy, but more likely to share and spread awareness. Fans may influence potential buyers.


Visitors from search are more likely to be ready to purchase, but less likely to share and intereact. They have a specific purpose, need or question.

Target people based on who they are


Target people based on what they are thinking

Social media involves many short-lived actions, with outcomes that ofter last for minutes. It requuires a continuous, ongoing effort.


Once it’s working, search traffic can be an ongoing, passive source of visitors. High rankings often endure for weeks or months.